#Caribbean Sea AI | Artificial Intelligence for Caribbean Sea

#SEA.AI | Detecting floating objects early | Using latest camera technology in combination with artificial intelligence | Detecting small boats | Detecting persons in water | On-board cameras with integrated image processing | System provides digital understanding of vessel surroundings on water | Views: Low light augmented reality, Thermal augmented reality, Map | Detects and classifies objects to alert | Issues audible alarms about potential risks or hazards detected | Remote Robot Control

#Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI) | Coral restoration | Developing solutions to coral reef adaptation methods

#Stanford Robotics Lab | Artificial Intelligence lab | OceanOne | Dive Buddy | Human-assisted robotics

#Rosetti Superyachts | Fully custom superyachts | Virtuous circle where all parties felt free to throw on the table new ideas and concepts to incorporate in the design | Selecting the best contractor for each element | Exploration oriented projects

#Caribbean Charter Flights | Private flights from big islands to small ones in Caribbean

#Dream Yacht | Enjoy your boat while operate it as a business to offset the cost

#Hargrave Yacht | Custom Yachts

#Dynamiq | Luxury Yachts

#Rybovitch | Mega Yachts

#Advanced Navigation | AI-based marine navigation systems | AI-Based underwater navigation solutions and robotics technology | Hydrography | Underwater acoustic positioning solutions | Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) | Inertial navigation systems (INS) | Sidney, Australia

#Orca AI | SeaPod | Artificial intelligence-based maritime navigation assistant, watchkeeper | Automated object detection and prioritization | All marine object detection

#Moonen Yachts | Semi-custom shipyard

#Hollander Yacht Design | Yacht design and visualisation studio | 3D visualisation | Interior design with 2D floor plans, moodboards, real material samples and 3D visualisations | Exterior Design wirh Optimized deck layouts, seamless transition between interior and exterior and strong recognizable profile

#Van Der Valk Shipyard | Luxury Yachts

#Wood Stockbä Boats | Yacht refit service | Antigua

#Cantiere Delle Marche | Super Yach Builder | Italy | Deeply versatile, flexible explorer yachts

#LaVictoire | Boat Finance

#Dusty | Robotic Layout System | FieldPrinter | Printing points, text and lines directly from a CAD file | Layout on any flat surfaces including concrete, plywood subfloor, wood formwork, and asphalt | Tablet interface

#Open Ocean Robotics | Protecting oceans with uncrewed systems | Ocean monitoring | Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) | Deterring illegal fishing | Working with WildAid and Oceankind for safeguarding Marine Protected Areas (MPA) | Detecting marine mammals

#Knightscope | NASDAQ:KSCP |Autonomous Security Robots | ASR | Deterring, detecting, and reporting crime | Automated Gunshot Detection (AGD)

#e-con Systems | RouteCAM_CU20 - Sony IMX462 Full HD GigE Camera | Image and power over Ethernet camera | Sony IMX462 CMOS image sensor | Ultra low light sensitivity | High Dynamic Range (HDR) | NVIDIA Jetson Platform | Unique ID for each camera | Over The Air (OTA) upgrade | Linux Socket Application for extended Camera

#Sea Machines | Navigation and collision avoidance system | Electronic charts | Controlling steering and propulsion | Collision avoidance | Networked cameras to detect, track, geolocate, and classify objects | Human on the loop scheme

#OpenAI | Whisper | Open source deep learning model for speech recognition | Transcribing audio in several languages | Automatic speech recognition (ASR) without the privacy concerns | Content creating | Adding AI to everyday workflows

#Raymarine | DockSense for Yachts

#Ommatidia Lidar | Ocean observation | 3D Light Sensor | In-orbit characterization of large deployable reflectors (LDRs) | Channels: 128 parallel | Imaging vibrometry functionality | Target accuracy: 10µm | Measurement range: 0.5-20 m | Measurement accuracy (MPE): 20 + 6 μ/m | Angular range 30 x 360 | Vibrometry sampling frequenvy: 40 kHz | Vibrometry max in-band velocity: 15.5 mm/s | Power consumption: 45W | Battery operation time: 240 min | Interface: Ethernet | Format: CSV / VKT / STL / PLY / TXT | Dimension: 150x228x382 mm | Weight: 7,5 kg | Pointer: ~633 nm | Temperature range: 0/40 ºC | Environmental protection class: IP54 | Eye safety: Class 1M | Raw point clouds: over 1 million points | Calibration: metrology-grade with compensation of thermal and atmospheric effects | ESA

#Heliogen | AI-controlled concentrating solar thermal technology | AI, cameras, advanced computer vision software precisely aligni array of small mirrors reflecting and concentrating sunlight on receiver tower | Receiver generates heat which is transferred to thermal energy storage | Providing steam heat up to 300 °C | Cameras installed at top of tower measure color intensity of sky as reflected in mirrors | By comparing intensities as seen from multiple cameras, system calculates mirror orientation and direction of beam, for real-time hyper-accurate tracking | AI technology for continuous micro-adjustments | System automatically adapts to atmospheric conditions | WiFi connects heliostats | Direct Steam Generating Receivers (DSGR) absorb concentrated sunlight and transmit energy to pressurized water within metal tubes | Manufacturing facility in Long Beach, California

#Dominican Republic | Cap Cana